Städtische Galerie KUBUS
Theodor-Lessing-Platz 2
30159 Hannover

Beatrice Didier


Photo: Veronica Castiglioni
Béatrice Didier (BE) is born in 1971. In 1994, she began to act and teach, focusing on the role of the actor as creator, as a critical partner in the whole process of creation. Upon meeting M. Klingler and B. Nieslony in 2005, she discovered Performance Art as a practice and has dedicated herself to it ever since.

"Since some years, Performance Art is the main source of my research and artistic practice. To develop a connection between life and art, thought and act, space and time, …. Most of the time, my actions comes from the encounter with a person, a space, a material... and my work is rooted in raw emotion connected to an autobiographical context to be treated in an artistic action. Actions are fragments of a continuous process which is transformed by space where I perform, by the encounter with audience, by personal life and experiences. One performance brings me to another performance and it's like this I continue to work, “on the rebound”, and question my human presence in the world."